Counseling and Psychotherapy Services

I offer different Counseling and Psychotherapy Services:

I will work with you to develop the psychological tools and dynamic skills required to make positive and innovative life changes.  I have been meeting the psychological needs of clients for over 20 years.  I provide a therapeutic environment that is supportive, educational, and motivational. Throughout many years of providing counseling and psychotherapy, I have met the needs of clients dealing with a wide breadth of issues and concerns.  Whether you are attempting to make changes in your own life or dealing with issues related to a spouse, family member or work situation, together we will create a plan and strategy for resolving problems and managing stress.

Many people struggle with common symptoms such as: decreased energy, irritability, poor concentration, nervousness, loss of confidence, communication difficulties, poor interpersonal skills, and libido disinterest.  These symptoms can be indicators of more problematic issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and others. If you or someone you know is negatively impacted by any of these particular concerns, I encourage you to seek treatment.  If you need support to find a therapist, feel free to contact me without obligation.  Your psychological healthcare is my priority.  I would be pleased to speak with you regarding any of your concerns.

Please call me at 714.847.8022 and discover the solution that’s right for you!