AdolescentsThe challenges of parenting an adolescent seemingly becomes more difficult as our society “hurries” young minds in “grown-up” bodies to become adults. The ability to understand and communicate with adolescents tends to be frustrating for parents and can lead to hurt, disappointment, and anger. Understanding the behavior of an adolescent is vital for developing trust and a bond between parents and their teenagers. Adolescence is a difficult and challenging process of biological and emotional instability. It also can be very rewarding, provided parents understand the ever-changing needs of the adolescent during their emotional growth.

Counseling with adolescents requires balance between accepting the teenager’s “differences” and the need to incorporate family values and societal norms. I provide parents with understanding and support to deal with the very important developmental stage known as “individuation and separation.” This process is at the heart of the hurt and disappointment experienced by some parents who are challenged by their teenager’s struggle for independence.

The opportunity to support parents in uncovering the emerging adult amidst the storm of adolescence is a very rewarding process. As important as it is for parents to understand adolescent behavior, it is equally important for the teenager to be educated about parental responsibilities. If you would like to discuss your particular situation, don’t hesitate to call. I would be pleased to assess your immediate concerns.

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