ChildrenDeveloping insight and understanding into children can be an exciting discovery and yet a challenging task. Sometimes parents need support and advice to make subtle changes to best manage a child’s behavior. At other times, it is the lack of experience as a parent that triggers a child’s negative responses. Providing therapy for children is about understanding their “emotional language”. Empowering parents to successfully manage their emotions during behavioral interventions with children is an important process for the healthy development of the child.

While children can suffer from a variety of emotional disturbances, it is important to explore issues by evaluating three basic areas where children are frequently challenged. First, it is important to explore the family dynamics and how changes in the family dynamics may be influencing the child. Second, is to understand how and when a child achieves developmental milestones. And third, is to consider his/her social skills and their responses to social situations, especially in the areas of “play” with peers and siblings. These areas of development provide us with clues into the child’s world and their ability to deal with anxiety and stress.

As children reach school age, classroom issues can evolve. The concerns range from their level of academic abilities, to their social development. Many children develop these skills and abilities over time. It is important to put social and academic issues in the context of family dynamics, developmental history, and social interaction in play settings. With over 20 years of experience evaluating children and supporting families, it is my goal to identify problems and determine the proper course of treatment in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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