Our desire to be in a relationship is very strong. We seek companionship and opportunities to be with others. The early stages of dating and learning about one another is exciting and full of joyful expectations. Our ability to maintain and sustain this joyous enthusiasm becomes stifled as our “real world” needs i.e., family obligations, work, school, finances, and health creeps in disrupting our developing and or maturing relationship.

In the beginning all things were possible – and then reality sets in and the first indications of rift between couples is when their communication breaks down. Hurt feelings develop and assumptions are made, leading to an increase in repeated patterns of negative thoughts and feelings via arguments and the expression of resentment. This results in a deteriorating relationship and a loss of respect for your partner/spouse.

Often, the results of negative thoughts and feelings become greatly intensified over time. This is when Couples will seek counseling, during this time of “crisis.” In an attempt to return to the joyous feelings and excitement for each other and the intangible reasons for choosing this particular person to love. Remembering the positive aspects of one another which allowed you to feel emotionally connected and vibrate as a couple, these things are the goals of counseling.

Giving each other the opportunity to rediscover your passion for Love and Desire, is healing and will lead to improved communication which enhances the mutual respect for the relationship. It also gives each individual chances to recall the exuberance that drew you to seek out your partner/spouse and relish in the warm memories that made the relationship special and unique to each other.

I look forward to the privilege of working with you through the challenges so that you can rediscover your joy, intimacy and romance. Find the compassion to reunite your feelings for one another, for it is the “true” gift of relationship.

I am available to support you through whatever difficult situations that you currently find yourself. I can be reached by calling 714.847.8022 or email.