Substance Abuse


Do you have a spouse, relative or friend who is being negatively caught in destructive Substance Abuse behavior? Chances are that it also has a toxic effect on all who come in contact with the Substance Abuser. Watching the destruction of relationships, careers and family as the Substance Abuser slowly and methodically slips into isolation abandoning all who love them.

The identification and treatment of the drug or alcohol abusing individual is complex and requires an understanding not only of the person and their relationship to the Drug and or Alcohol, but also to their families or support systems.

To be effective with the challenges of substance abuse we have to fully understand the “Core” issues that may be triggering thoughts and or feelings that can lead to the desire to abuse drugs or alcohol. Once there is an understanding of how the person is affected by their drugs / alcohol, the treatment can begin.

The desire and motivation on the part of the Substance Abuser is very often one of the determining factors that will lead to the success or failure of the Substance Abuser becoming sober and clean, leading to a constructive productive life or remaining in the grasps of an addict’s lifestyle, isolated and alone.

The choices a loved one may make to abuse drugs and or alcohol is heart-wrenching. But it is only part of the concern – how others may have been codependent to the Abuser also requires exploration. No less important is how those who love and care for the Substance Abuser, may have to change their behavior to support the Substance Abuser’s sobriety.

To choose sobriety is to choose life. To choose alcohol or drugs is the choice of a life full of emptiness and meaninglessness.

It is my hope that you will reach out for the support and treatment to deal with this complex issue. I personally look forward to meeting with you and discussing your particular situation.

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